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R32 GT-R N1 non projector headlight pair sec/h #19

one headlight level adjuster bolt has been fixed.
Price: $395.00

JZX100 MARK2 series1 genuine front bar lip silver sec/h #20

few marks and scratches
Price: $240.00

S14/S15 5stud upright bolt collar set for S13/180SX/A31 new!!

Price: $25.00

RIVERSIDE Alstabt 18inch x9J+30/9.5J+29 5H/114.3 sec/h #60

ATR SPORT          225/40ZR18 70%
TRAMPIO Vimode 245/40ZR18  5% old
gutter rushes / chrome peels off
Price: $850.00

M2 DT-05R 17inch x7.5J+25/8.5J+25 4H/114.3 sec/h #9

Toyo PROXES R1R                     215/45ZR17 40% old
BRIDGESTONE POTENZA RE040  225/45R17  25% old
Price: $850.00

WORK VS-XX mesh 18inch x8J+35/9J+25 4H/114.3 #1616

HAIDA HD921             215/35ZR18 60% camber wear
GOOD YEAR EAGLE F1 235/40R18 20% camber wear
marks/ few chrome bubbles
Price: $1,250.00

Desmond mesh 17inchx8J+35/9J+35 4/5H 114.3 sec/h #2

TOYO TRANSAS CRUZ            215/50R17 45% old
YOKOHAMA DNA ECOS FS300 235/40R17 35%
gutter rushes/ paint peels off
Price: $750.00

WORK SCHWERT 18inch x9J+26/10J+35 5H/114.3 sec/h #6

few marks
Price: $1,950.00

R34 GTT stock allow wheel 17inch x 7.5J+40 5H/114.3 set sec/h #52

gutter rushes
Price: $390.00

WORK SCHWERT 19inch x8.5J+28/9.5J+28 5H/114.3 sec/h #21

surface bit corroded / few marks
Price: $1,850.00

WORK EMOTION XT7 chrome 17inchx8J+47 4H/100 PCD set sec/h #80

chrome peels off / marks and gutter rushes
Price: $590.00

stich mesh 17inchx8J+5 5H/114.3 pair sec/h #26

TRAMPIOVimode 235/45ZR17 70%
Price: $550.00

JDM S15 SILVIA genuine rear pods gray sec/h #5

has a damage on L/H side bottom
genuine plastic
Price: $395.00

TRD front under spoiler for 86 ZN6 genuine sec/h #10

scuff marks on L/H side
Price: $395.00

JZA80 SUPRA genuine alloy bonnet silver sec/h #11

paint faded
Price: $550.00

M35 STAGEA genuien rear gate spoiler sec/h #6

few marks
LED stop light plug missing
Price: $395.00

R34 GT-R V-spec front bar clear indicator pair sec/h #12

suits for R34 GTT seriers1 / R34 GT-R
Price: $95.00

JZX110 MARK2 series2/kouki taillight pair sec/h #9

has a chip
Price: $245.00

BRIDE floor mat front pair for NISSAN R34 GTT genuine new!!

Price: $240.00

BRIDE floor mat set for JZX100 CHASER/MARK2 genuine new!!

Price: $420.00

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